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who am I?

I’m Iman Sadrian. you can call me Iman . also some peoples call me “Shervin” because on some social networks my nickname is “Shervin”. I live in Iran, where all the cool kids live.

I love traveling around the world and programming but I have gotten more the second than the first:). I usually spend my time with my lovely laptop.
I began programming with C language at university for the first time in 2013.
I graduated in Electronics Engineering and I love it really, I worked a lot with microcontrollers (AVR, arm, Arduino, etc), but I found out I’m keen on programming for Mobile Applications and other platforms too.
so I started developing android applications in 2014.

it’s me. my friend took this picture from me when I was working.

IEEEmadC Ambassador

I’m glad to be selected as an ambassador of IEEEmadC 2018. I participated several times in mobile application competitions in Iran and I gave good results in some of them. If I want to be honest my main reasons for attending those competitions were to gain experience and communicate with other developers.
one of my experiences that I gained in previous contests was managing my time to finish the project before the deadline. I got this point that is not important to create an ideal application at first during the contest. and we have to manage our time to do all the main requirements first, and if we have time yet doing another thing for improving the project. we should not be obsessed in the competition!

and communicate with participators is too important especially if you want to work as a freelancer.
I’ve made many new friends in contests and I’ve been in touch with them since after the contest.
usually we took each others’ numbers and create a group on social networks to keep our communication together.

IEEEmadC (Mobile Application Development Contest) is an annual competition where IEEE Student members compete from all around the world to make mobile apps. but This year, the competition is open also for non-IEEE students.
entering IEEEmadC is a great gateway to the app development community, and is a fantastic way to develop amazing new skills, meet a variety of great friends and contacts, and discover the countless resources and community available to IEEE members worldwide.

IEEEmadc 2018 Contest’s timeline:

1- Ideas Submission and Education Stage (August — September 2018)

2- Development Stage (October — November 2018)

3- Judging and Announcement of winners (December 2018)

I’m really excited to participate in this competition!
Don’t let this opportunity slip!
there isn’t much time left.
Only by the end of September, you can submit your idea.

Android Application Developer